Community Updates

 Community News contains periodic updates on the lives of the Monks of Marmion.

Fr. Basil is now residing in the Abbey Infirmary, where he is doing therapy and performing his duties as Prior.

Fr. Thomas returned to Columbia, Missouri, on August 13, where he will be pursuing his doctoral studies.

A. John accompanied Head of School Tony Tinerella on a visit to Marmion alumni in Texas, July 31-August 2 and continued to visit Marmion friends in Texas August 2-4.

A. Vincent was Prince of Peace Abbey in California August 8-12 to preside at their election of their new abbot on Aug. 11. He gave a retreat for seminarians at Mundelein, Aug. 17-21.

Fr. Mario Pedi died on August 28.  He leaves a legacy as educator and giver of pastoral care.



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