San José Priory and Seminary

The mission is located in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, C.A., and is conducted by the Benedictine monks of Marmion Abbey in Aurora, IL.

Benedictine Community

The priory is a Guatemalan Benedictine monastic community of men devoted to a life of prayer and mission work.  The main mission work is the Catholic education of young Guatemalan men aspiring to the Roman Catholic priesthood, religious life or to an alternative form of professional service for the good of the Church and society. In alignment with the Benedictine charism of hospitality, the community offers a guest house for visitors.


Colegio Seminario San José

For 49 years the seminary has served young men from all parts of Guatemala, mostly from poor families. A balanced six-year secondary educational program is offered, which places primary emphasis on solid religious and academic formation.

At the same time the program provides the opportunity for personal and physical development through athletics, manual labor and industrial arts. Upon completion of the program the student is prepared to continue his studies in a major seminary or a university. 

Of its 650 graduates over 140 are priests or religious. Of those graduates who have decided not to continue for the priesthood many are active in the service professions in Guatemala.

In 2007 the seminary opened its doors to day students.  In the 2014 school year there were over ninety students enrolled in the school.