Abbey Farms

Since the purchase of the property upon which the monastery currently resides in the 1950s, the monks of Marmion Abbey have been engaged in the work of farming. It is an activity that has deep monastic roots which came to Marmion through our founding community. The abbey farms have had several transformations over the years, first as a farm that produced goods for the abbey kitchen and for sale and shifting in the 1960s to a Christmas tree farm that continues to supply the material needs of the monastery. Even today the farm is continuing to change as we try to meet the needs of the monastic community and the larger community. Though the day-to-day management is now in the hands of a layman, several monks continue to work the farm by planting and maintaining the evergreens.

In addition to the larger farm, the monks also maintain a vegetable garden and orchard that provides many staples of the monastic diet. In the belief that all things are to be treated as sacred vessels of the altar (RB 31:12) the monks continue to maintain the abbey grounds themselves by planting flowers and trees and cutting the grass.