Community Updates

 Community Updates contain periodic updates on the lives of the Monks of Marmion.

A. Vincent is in Africa. He took part in a meeting of the Synod of Abbot Presidents in Tanzania from Sept. 19-23 and stayed for some touring into the first week of October.

Fr. Mario Pedi died on August 28.  He leaves a legacy as educator and giver of pastoral care.

Fr. Philip underwent a successful heart ablation at Mercy Presence Medical Center on Sept. 8.

Abbot John traveled to visit with Fr. Paul at Ft. Bragg and spent some vacation days in North Carolina, Sept. 4-11.

Abbot Jean-Pierre Longeat and Fr. Marc Butlin of the Alliance for International Monasticism visited the Abbey on Sept. 9 and gave a presentation to the community.

Fr. Prior Orlando of our Guatemala Priory visited from Sept. 13-20.