Colegio Seminario San José

Since its beginnings in 1965 the seminary’s mission is to provide a solid spiritual, academic, human and vocational formation for young men who desire to be leaders as priests, religious, or professional laymen committed to serving the Church and society.        

Admission of Students  
Students are admitted to the Colegio Seminario on the basis of success in their previous studies and tested academic abilities.  The recommendations of their bishop and pastor as well as personal interviews are also required.   A minimum age of 13 is required as well as graduation from an accredited primary school.  

Educational Cost  
The cost of education, health services, room and board and other auxiliary services for one resident student is $4,000 per year.  Of this amount the students’ families are required to contribute, in Guatemalan currency, the equivalent of $150 per month, or 38% of the actual cost.   The cost of educating one day student per year is $2,500 of which tuition covers only 50% of the real cost.   Since most of our students come from families that live in poverty we cannot realistically raise our fees.  After assessing their situation, we also offer additional financial aid to qualified students who cannot afford the regular fees.   

Share in Our Mission Work

In view of these great needs and the poverty of the people served, we cordially invite you to share in the mission work of the Benedictine community of San José by helping to support students in the Colegio Seminario San José.