Benedictine Charism

From the origins of Benedictine life in the sixth century, the purpose of monastic life is to seek God and this always conjoined with a love for learning.  By this Benedict was acknowledging an educational instinct inherent in monasticism that made the presence of a school something perfectly natural.   

The fact that this educational instinct has lasted till our own time says a great deal about the healthy properties of Benedictine life.  For us at Marmion it has been transmitted through the monastic schools at Einsiedeln in Switzerland and St. Meinrad Abbey’s Jasper Academy in Indiana.  Simple awareness of this venerable tradition and its passage to the present is one of the essential elements for maintaining the monastic charism particular to Marmion Abbey. Moreover, there are elements to this charism, basic spiritual practices that should be part of the spiritual life of every monastic community and every educational community wanting to transmit the Benedictine charism. 

Some of those practices will be described in following articles.