Brother Dominic Wittry

Brother Dominic Wittry is a fixture of Marmion Abbey in a way that few other monks can match.  A native of Aurora, Brother Dominic is a 1952 graduate of Marmion Military Academy.  He is also the twin brother of Richard Wittry, another Marmion graduate.   Brother Dominic’s Aurora roots are in Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish, where his mother taught in the grade school for many years. 

Brother Dominic’s connections to Marmion Academy remain strong.  Over the years he has been a loyal and regular supporter of the athletic teams, appearing at football, basketball and baseball home games to rally the Cadets.  He faithfully appears at visitations and funerals of deceased Marmion alumni and employees.  Visitors to the Abbey will often find Brother Dominic as their first contact when searching for a monk or a lay employee of the Abbey.  In the process they are typically given a kind word and friendly welcome as Brother Dominic goes about his daily work of keeping the house clean.  On weekend afternoons they may find him in his monastic habit on a trademark walk around the Abbey or Academy grounds.

Many people will not see Brother Dominic as he spends his hours in personal prayer in the Abbey church or in the Abbey library as he earnestly spends time every evening in reading.  While watching sports in the community recreation room, listening to Country and Western Music in his room, or engaged in discussion on the political issues of the day, Brother Dominic brings the same intense commitment that he brings to his monastic vocation.  His faithful embrace of that vocation over the period of 65 years has been a blessing to all at Marmion.