To be eligible for nomination, the alumnus must meet the following criteria:

  1. Alumnus of Marmion Academy or a Varsity Coach at Marmion Academy or its predecessor schools (Jasper Academy, Fox Valley Catholic High School, or Marmion Military Academy).
  2. Participant at the Varsity level in Basketball, Baseball, Cross Country, Drill Team, Fisging, Football, Golf, Rifle Team, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Track, Wrestling or any other IHSA sanctioned sport.
  3. Achieved outstanding individual athletic accomplishments in varsity sports as recognized by Marmion Academy achievements, and a minimum of "out-side" awards, such as All-State selections, NCAA Scholarships or notable area awards while at Marmion.
  4. Be of good moral character when a student and into adulthood.
  5. Be a fifteen-year or more alumni of Marmion.
  6. Consideration may be given to outside achievements (i.e. college, pro, etc.) however, as this is the Marmion Athletic Hall of Fame, the main emphasis should be on the athlete's accomplishments while he was a student at Marmion Academy or one its predecessor schools.

Marmion Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees:

+Hank R. Berg '40 (Basketball Coach)
+Howard Bonds (Jasper/FV Coach)
George Ireland (Basketball Coach)
James Kelly (Swimming Coach)
+Joseph Nardone (Baseball Coach)
James Newport (Basketball Coach)
 William A. Adams '35
+Elmer "Muzzy" Kartheiser  '35
+Bernard J. Milroy, Sr. '38
Wilfred A. Kramer  '40
+John W. Sensor  '40
Ambrose C. Geib  '43
+Peter J. Perez  '43
+William C. Kleckner  '44
Neal D. Fichtel   '45 (Athlete/Coach)
+Glenn C. Gilbert '45 (Athlete/Coach)
Donald R. Clark  '46

Lloyd W. Emge  '46
Joseph E. Kutz, M.D.  '46
+Robert E. Loker  '46
Walter J. Zibton  '46

Louis F. Milani  '47
Guy Prisco  '48
+Fred H. Assell  '49
Carl F. Neubauer, Jr. '49
John Fenzel  '50
Richard W. Walker  '50
James D. DeMars '51
George B. Kramer  '51
E. Charles Lutz  '51
Michael J. Melvin  '51

Eduardo L. Ponce  '51
Kenneth A. Wood  '51
+Sal DiMucci  '52
Gerald J. Driessen  '53
Richard B. Perez  '54
Lupe Torres  '55
Thomas D. Herlihy '56
John A. Gering  '57
Gary D. "Ach" Miller  '57
Jerome D. Hardt  '58
Robert J. Sharpenter  '58
Gerald B. Theisen  '58
Larry P. Mallon  '59
Joe Nardone  '59
+Fred J. Reherman '60
Karl L. Ryckeghem '61
James J. Burns  '62
Robert J. Perez  '62
James M. Regnier  '62
Jeffrey L. Stupak  '62
James A. Nardone  '63
Angelo P. Schiralli  '63
Edward Andrychowski  '64
Thomas J. Erath  '64
Alan J. Miller  '64
Edwin J. Hart  '64
+James E. Ward  '64
Richard L. Bordenave  '65
Edward (Ned) Sharpenter  '65
Michael P. Witte  '65

David L. Edwards  '66
F. Michael Gyovai  '66
Frank Larrabee '66
John (Jack) W. Schuler  '66
Thomas A. Weber '67
Robert G. Bara  '69
Raymond M. Blusiewicz  '69
Timothy J. Hofner  '69
Randall J. Jakious  '69
John A. Petit  '69
A. Charles Kogut  '70
James T. Sury  '70
David P. Fichtel  '71
William J. Kleckner  '71
Gary P. Brock  '72
Michael F. Dailey  '72
Bernard A. Van Ham, Jr. '72
Robert F. Weiss, Jr.  '72
Brian G. Bodie  '73
Richard N. Bohr  '73
Christopher J. Petit  '73
Thomas M. Van Ham  '73
J. Brad Childress  '74
Edward X. Barth  '75
John J. Cychol  '75
Thomas J. Logue, Jr. '75
Mark H. DeBroeck  '76

Timothy N. Fichtel  '76
James Knight  '76
John L. Momper, Jr.  '76
Charles R. Stone, Jr.  '76
Joseph E. Tack  '76
James R. Giroux  '77
Kevin S. Killough  '77
Richard L. Van Ham  '77
David T. Browne  '79
Randall S. Yanker  '79
Daniel T. McGehee  '80
Mark J. Laurich  '81
Brian J. O'Malley  '82
Brian R. Theisen  '82
Michael J. Kanute  '83
Nicholas C. Gordon  '85
Timothy E. Milroy  '87
James F. Williams  '87
David Kent '89
Martin R.Laurich  '89
Alan L. Brookner  '90

Dustin L. Coppes  '90
Andrew R. Howorth '90
Vincent J. Bellafiore, Jr. '93
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