Marmion/Rosary Band

The Marmion-Rosary band is comprised of students attending Marmion Academy and Rosary High School of Aurora.  Marmion is a Catholic Benedictine college preparatory school with a mission to the education of young men in leadership skills and a value-based liberal arts education.  Rosary is a Catholic high school for young women, run by the Dominican order in Springfield Illinois.  Both school draw students from the western suburban area Catholic and public junior high schools.  

The two schools share a common instrumental music program, with the band meeting every morning from 6:40 a.m. to 7:30 a.m.  The jazz program meets in the evening two times a week for one and one-half hour rehearsals.  Band is a full GPA credit at both Marmion and Rosary and has the option of receiving honors credit.  The jazz program is an elective, and is not graded.  All students are required to study privately or have a 45-minute private lesson provided at Marmion during study halls.  Marmion also has a college level advanced music curriculum available for A.P. as well as honors credit.  

The Marmion-Rosary Wind Ensemble and Concert band has a rich history of musical accomplishments.  The band performed on the stage of Walt Disney World in Orlando in 1994, 1998, 2002, 2006, and 2010  Every year the band has had clinics with one of the great wind directors from around the country.  The list includes H. Robert Reynolds, Malorie Thompson, James Smith, James Lambrecht, Stephen Squires, Scott Teeple, and Ivan Wansley.  The band has many awards in concert competitions, solo and ensemble and marching band.  In Class A competition, the band received first division ratings in its last 12 years for I.H.S.A. Large Group competitions.  The band received 63 first division class A gold medals in W.S.M.A. solo and ensemble competition in 2013, as well as  40 students receiving  State Gold Medals in the state competition.  In addition Marmion has received three Outstanding performance awards at I.H.S.A. competition and four exemplary state soloist awards in W.S.M.A. state solo and ensemble competition.  This award made those students eligible to perform at the state music convention.  Marching band awards include first place awards in percussion, parade and field competition in the Marengo settler’s day competition and Sycamore parade.  

The Marmion-Rosary Jazz Ensemble has enjoyed an excellent jazz tradition.  The jazz band has received many awards and has the honor of many guest performances in the Chicago area.  The jazz ensemble has distinguished itself in recent area competitions including many first division awards in Jazz in the Meadows, the North Shore Jazz Festival, and W.S.M.A.  State competitions.  Most recently the jazz ensemble has won three class 1A titles in Jazz in the Meadows, the 2008 class a championship at the North Shore Jazz Festival and received  yearly State Gold Medals in W.S.M.A. and I.H.S.A. competition in combo and jazz ensemble. The jazz ensemble has had the extensive clinic experiences, most recently, with Ron Carter – director of the N.I.U. Jazz ensemble and Mark Colby – Tenor Saxophonist DePaul University.  The Marmion-Rosary Jazz ensemble has featured Margaret Carlson, and has performed five times at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe in Disney’s Magic Kingdom.  

The Marmion-Rosary band also provides an array of ensemble opportunities, including Brass Quintet, Percussion Ensemble, Saxophone Quartet, and pit orchestra.