Parents' Club

Please feel free to contact the Parents’ Club if you have questions or would like to help us at any of our events.

The Mothers’ Club provides hospitality in many different ways: welcoming prospective students and their families at information sessions, greeting new and returning parents at registration days or Back-to-School Night, baking or serving refreshments at student and parent functions, chaperoning student dances, hosting the Parents’ Club Christmas Decorating Party and Christmas Dinner Dance, providing refreshment for LEAD and JROTC ceremonies, hosting Grandparents’ Day and the Mothers’ Luncheon, and providing flowers at the Baccalaureate Mass and Commencement Ceremony. When the need presents, we send expressions of sympathy to our Marmion family members who are experiencing a loss due to the death of a loved one.

Your Parents’ Club Board and Class Representatives:

Mothers' Club Officers

President: LeAnn Roe
Vice President: Lynn Piotrowski
Communications Coordinator: Julie Glanville and Rebecca Tews
Treasurer: Rose Callahan and Maureen Taus
Social Co-Chairs: Holly Baranick, Stacey Hoeft, Brandy McDonald, Denise Miller, Claudia Quintana, Amy Tinerella, Jennifer Turcich
Volunteer Coordinator: Kim Auchstetter and Dawn Barry
Marmion/Rosary Liaison: Teresa Fincher and Judy Lentz
Parent Admissions Coordinators: Kristine Holtz, Lorraine Katz, Kathleen Talarico, Lynda Wehrli
Cadet Cash Coordinator:  Laura Huggins and Susan Saloga
Uniform/Booksale Coordinator: Caryl Riley
Moms in Faith Coordinators: Mette Clementi and Ann Marie Schwartz
Club Advisor: Libby Scanlan

Class Representatives:                                        
Freshman: Cheryl Altner, Diana Liz, Amy Malatt
Sophomore: Dana Campbell, Jennifer Cella, Nicole Coffman
Junior: Michele, Kelly and Melanie Griffin Pugh
Senior: Rachel Muckerheide and Cynthia Pierce