Sports Boosters

Marmion Sports Boosters have been supporting Marmion Academy Athletics for over 35 years. Unlike other schools, Marmion has NEVER charged a participation fee for its sports teams; this is due in part to the support of the Sports Booster Membership program.

The Marmion Sports Booster Club has the following objectives:
  • Provide equal support to all athletes and coaches at all levels in sports sponsored by Marmion Academy.
  • Foster sportsmanship and provide an example to young people.
  • Engender a feeling of camaraderie among parents, fans, and students of the Academy.
  • Raise funds to support and enhance the total sports program.
  • Perpetuate the Marmion Academy tradition of acting with honor and good judgment toward ourselves, our opponents, the Academy and God.

The Booster's primary mission is to support the athletic program of Marmion Academy.  Every dollar of profit taken in by the Sports Booster program goes directly back into the individual sports programs for your sons.

Athletic contributions from Marmion Sports Boosters:
  • Support Homecoming activities (weekend)
  • Seasonal programs and sporting event programs/rosters
  • Banners, signs, awards, trophies
  • Equipment: field painter, waterboy, weight room items
  • Rain gear
  • Equipment repairs and maintenance
  • Cannon maintenance and artillery
  • End of season parties
  • Scholarships
  • Senior Nights
  • Summer camp subsidies
  • Rifle Team – Orion Scoring
  • Football kicking cage
  • Harris - Beverage and Food Cart
  • Baseball nets
  • Football practice equipment
  • Student coach bus
  • Padding for Regole Field House
  • Safety cage for shotput and discus
  • Varsity locker room lockers
  • Wrestling mats
  • Swimming pool pacer lights
  • Cross Country team tent
  • HUDL Videotaping Service
  • Coaching clinics
Each year we ask the coaches to submit a “Wish List” that boosters can help them with and this year we are seeking Team Liaisons to help us stay closer and get the team what it needs.

Thank you for joining the Sports Boosters.  If you are not a member, we hope that you will consider joining us in support of our student athletes.