Class Offerings


Theology is a full-time accredited academic course of study required of all students everyday for all four years. Daily Mass is available for the students.

Honors Classes

Honors courses are offered all four years, and presents the students with accelerated and more thorough information presentation. Students enrolled in Honors courses have those courses weighted more heavily in the GPA.

AP Classes

The Advanced Placement Program of the College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB) is offered in Biology, Chemistry, Calculus (AB/BC), Physics (B), Spanish IV, French V, English IV and U.S. History, and presents students with the opportunity to begin working through advanced topics in an environment and at a pace most similar to college. AP courses are in preparation for the subject’s corresponding test, taken in the spring. Grades of 4 or 5/5 on an AP test will often be honored by colleges and universities for introductory course credit.

Senior Honors Thesis

Seniors who wish to graduate with honors are required to write a thesis on a topic of their choosing in consultation with a faculty advisor; a project or thesis of research, this thesis prepares our students in the modicum of work and study for college-level material.