Cadet Cash

The Marmion Cadet Cash Program is a rewarding tuition reduction opportunity for interested families.

The lengthy list of active vendors includes familiar grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations and other common retailers. These participants offer gift cards and point-of-service Scrip at a discount; through Marmion’s Cadet Cash, our families (and relatives!) purchase them at face value. The difference between the face value and the discount is the rebate amount. We retain just 8% of the rebate to offset operating costs (including weekly shipment of gift cards) and the remainder is allocated to the family. Some participants choose to make a tax-deductible donation to our sponsoring Marmion Parents’ Club (up to 17%) so families using Cadet Cash apply 75%-92% of their rebates directly to their Tuition and Fees Statements three times a year, on October 1st, December 31st and April 1st. (In 2015, we gave out over $20,000 to participating families in tuition rebates!)

Please visit Plus Portals/School Links and Files/Cadet Cash for full details and enrollment information to take advantage of this easy savings program.