Marmion Men's Choir

The Marmion Men’s Chorus principal means of instruction is through the study, rehearsal, and performance of the finest musical literature appropriate to the students’ level of development.  One of the primary goals of the chorus is the preservation and continuity of the great masterpieces of our musical heritage.  The Marmion Men’s Chorus is committed to the development of aesthetic awareness, perception, and sensitivity.  The curriculum will provide knowledge and understand of musical forms, styles, and major composers representative of each of the major musical periods.  The Chorus will provide instruction in discriminating aural skills and the development of vocal technical proficiency.  The Chorus will develop musical creativity and intuitive judgment, as well as musical evaluation skills and psychomotor skills.  Chorus will cover all major styles from Classical to Gospel and Rock.

The chorus will acquire the knowledge and vocal technique for proper choral singing and will develop an ability to read music and sing on sight.  Students will spend time learning to recognize intervals by ear as well as by sight.  A review of basic music theory will take place during most rehearsal.  Solfegio will be utilized in reading of all music, and will use the moveable “do” system.  Instruction will be patterned after Zoltan Kodaly’s method, with singing as the foundation of all music education. 

Students will be encouraged to listen to various types and periods of vocal music, with  departmental concerts containing a balanced of various periods of vocal music.  The chorus will also provide music for the monthly school liturgies.  Chorus helps to enrich the curriculum as part of the college preparatory aspect and at school liturgical celebrations as part of the Catholic and Benedictine aspects of the Academy.

Students will develop a uniform performance procedure and etiquette.


Chorus rehearses for a minimum of four classes a week.  Classes meet Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the activities period.


The Marmion Chorus is a full year course, and receiving one half academic credit.  Chorus can only be dropped within the first two weeks of the academic year or by permission from the instructor or by special consideration of the academic dean.