Marmion Men's Choir

The Marmion Men’s Chorus is the umbrella from which all Marmion Choral activities and groups derive. All groups listed are comprised of students already in the Marmion Men’s Chorus. This chorus of singers is rooted in the strong spiritual formation of a Benedictine tradition and education. In that strain, students in Marmion’s Chorus not only develop keen musical skills and vocal technique, but are formed into good, strong men of integrity with a comprehensive understanding of the creative minds role in all subject areas. The Choir becomes a family who supports its members in their individual efforts, goals, and needs while working toward the ensembles performance goals. With every concert, performance, and class, the choir works to develop a love and knowledge for vocal performance, including rhythmic comprehension and the ability to read written music. Students find a distinct opportunity for self expression only found through performance while gaining the confidence and experience from performing in front of others.

Honors Choir 

The Honors choir option is open to all students who wish to receive honors credit for the course after, first, receiving approval from the instructor. Honors Chorus is not a separate ensemble, but operates within the Marmion Men’s Chorus. See the linked explanation for more information about the expectations for earning honor credit for choir.

Choir 2 

Choir 2 is a group of advanced singers within the Marmion Men’s Chorus sometimes referred to as Choir 2. This group works on developing a tight ensemble sound and prepares more challenging repertoire within the cannon of men’s choral music including barbershop, spirituals, glees, pop, beat boxing and more. Those wishing to be part of this ensemble must audition each year to earn or maintain a position. The ensemble meets a minimum of three times per week to work on its own repertoire. Each member of the choir 2 receives a voice lesson once a week to develop their vocal technique, musicianship, and to prepare solo repertoire for competition and college auditions. In addition, they compete for accolades with other schools through the ILMEA and IHSA organizations. This group of young men goes above and beyond the expectations set for them and represent Marmion honorably in all they do.


Froshsemble is made of the dedicated underclassmen of Marmion’s Choir. The objective of this ensemble is to prepare new choral students for more advanced levels of singing by developing this ensemble’s sound and focusing on the specific needs of younger voices. Their activities are focused in the spring semester. They meet weekly during activities period in order to practice. This is a non-curricular choir, but students still learn much and further uncover their musical abilities and understandings.


Caroling Tour 

Each December the chorus takes a field trip to area middle schools and nursing homes to minister to these communities with music. The choir performs it’s own repertoire, but also conducts a sing-a-long at the nursing home pictured here

ILMEA and IHSA with solo and ensemble 

Students in Chorus have the opportunity to audition for the ILMEA All-State Festival, which takes place in Peoria Illinois in January. Having an audition that places you in the All-State choir is the highest honor a student in the choral program can achieve. Students are not required to audition, but only those adequately prepared for the audition are permitted to do so.

The entire choir competes in the IHSA large group competition each year by preparing its finest repertoire for this time. Over the last five years the choir has earned one 2nd division award and three first division awards.

Choir 2 also participates in the IHSA Solo and Ensemble competition. These students each earned a first division medal in 2017, the first year they participated. Students are also encouraged to prepare solo repertoire for this

Rosary Alumni Dinner 

Marmion has a unique partnership with Rosary High School where, upon occasion, the music programs of the two schools collaborate to give the students opportunities to sing repertoire requiring mixed chorus voice parts.


Once every four years the chorus goes on a tour to Disney World. There, they receive a clinic from a world-renowned clinician, they perform on a stage at Disney World, spending the day as Disney Cast members, and, of course, they spend three days enjoying the Disney parks.



The chorus is often asked to serve the community in various capacities. The men on the chorus have sung for Veterans Day and Memorial Day Ceremonies, Nursing homes, Religious celebrations, other schools, Knights of Columbus events, All-School masses, sporting events, and various fundraisers for Marmion and other charitable organizations

Clinics (i.e. Pueri Cantores)

NCAA Golf Singing

Choir 2 was privileged to sing for the opening ceremonies at the NCAA Golf Tournament at Rich Harvest Farms.