Colleges of Attendance

Below are just some of the Colleges and Universities that have accepted recent Marmion Academy graduates:

Art Institute of Chicago
Georgia Tech
Providence College
University of Illinois
 Augustana College
Gonzaga University
Purdue University
 University of Iowa
Arizona State University
Harvard University
Rochester Institute of Technology
University of Kansas
Auburn University
Hillsdale College
Seton Hall University
Univ. of Kentucky
Ave Maria University
Hofstra University
Stanford University
University of Miami
Baylor University
Illinois State University
St. Ambrose University
University of Michigan
Benedictine University
Illinois Wesleyan University
St. John's University
University of Minnesota
Boston College
Indiana University
St. Joseph's University
University of Missouri
Boston University
Iona College
St. Louis University
University of Nebraska
Bradley University
Iowa State University
St. Olaf College
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
Butler University
Ithaca College
St. Thomas University
University of Notre Dame
Cal Poly State University
John Carroll University
Swathmore College
University of Oklahoma
Carleton College
Kansas City Art Institute
The Citadel
University of Pennsylvania
Catholic University
Knox College
Tulane University
University of Pittsburgh
Claremont McKenna College
Lawrence University
U.S. Air Force Academy
University of Southern California
Clemson University
Lora College
U.S. Coast Guard Academy
University of South Florida
College of the Holy Cross
Loyola Univ./Chicago
U.S. Merchant Maine Academy
University of Texas
Colorado State University
Macalester College
U.S. Military Academy/West Point
University of Utah
Creighton University
Marquette University
U.S. Naval Academy
University of Virginia
Dartmouth College
MIT (Mass. Institute of Tech)
University of Alabama
University of Wisconsin
DePaul University
Miami University of Ohio
University of Arizona
Valparaiso University
Drake University
New York University
Univ. of Cal./Berkley
Vanderbilt University
Duke University
North Carolina State University
Villanova University
Embry-Riddle University
Northern Illinois University
University of Chicago
Virginia Military Institute
Emory University
Northwestern University
University of Colorado
Wake Forest University
Florida State University
Ohio State University
University of Dayton
Washington University of St. Louis
Fordham University
Penn State University
University of Florida
Yale University
Georgetown University
Pepperdine University
University of Georgia